Whole Bean Offerings


Whole Bean Offerings

from 15.00

Coffee is harvested year-round. We keep a rotation of fresh crops in stock, and can ship a variety of origins as they become available. 

Currently Available:

Brazil - Fazenda Santa Lucia [HONEY PROCESS]

Colombia - Finca La Cordillera [Direct Trade] 

Guatemala - Waykan (citrus + cocoa)

Kenya - Kichwa Tembo (grapefruit citrus and dark chocolate)

Mexico - Chiapas (chocolate + cherry) GREAT FOR COLD BREW

Papua New Guinea - Kunjin (cocoa + toasted marshmallow)

Rwanda - Lake Kivu (black currant + dark cherry)

Espresso Blend - Indonesian + Central America + Africa

Nocturne - Guatemala + India Robusta (more caffeine + chocolatey + earthy)

Decaf Brazil - Serra Negra MWP [Mountain Water Process]

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